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 +===== Putty SSH Client =====
 +You may run a unix command remotely, such as 'passwd' to change your password,
 +or 'quota' to view your usage quota, from Windows using the putty ssh client.
 +First, download putty from:
 +Putty is a single .exe file that requires no installation, and will not alter
 +or clutter your system.
 +Now, start putty, enter your hostname (for instance,,
 +and select the SSH radio button.  On the bottom of that first screen,
 +change the value of "close window on exit" to:  'Never'.
 +Then in the left-hand side of the putty configuration screen, click once
 +on the SSH choice (near the bottom).  At the very top of that config
 +screen (labeled "Options controlling SSH connections") enter a command
 +(like passwd or quota) into the "Remote Command" textbox.  Then just click the
 +"Open" button on the bottom.  The command you have chosen will be
 +executed on the remote end.
 +If this is the first time you have connected to our system via SSH, putty
 +may warn you of that, and ask you to store our SSH key for future connections.
 +We recommend this.
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