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A UDF (User Defined Field) is a feature of OpenDocMan that allows the administrator to add custom meta-data fields to all documents.

To Add UDF's:

Selection List Item

  1. Click on Admin→UDF→Add
  2. Enter the Internal Name (5 chars): ex. col2
  3. Enter the Display Name: Color 2
  4. Select “Select List”
  5. Click “Add UDF”

Now that the UDF is added, the Select List UDF needs some values for the users to pick from:

  1. Click on your new UDF in the admin menu (ex. “col2”)
  2. New Value: “Blue”
  3. Click Update
  4. New Value: “Red”
  5. Click Update

Now “edit” or “add” a file and you should see a new dropdown list with Blue/Red as options for each file.

Radio items are done the same way as Select lists. The Text Field UDF just provides a blank text box for each file.

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