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Most of the configuration necessary for getting OpenDocMan working resides in the config.php file. You'll find this in the root directory of your installation where you uploaded the OpenDocMan installation files. The config.php file just needs the information that will point the OpenDocMan application to the MySQL database you created to hold documents and other information for OpenDocMan.

Important: Use a decent text editor!

Do NOT use Notepad or Wordpad to edit the config.php file! These “text” editors don't deserve this name - they introduce extra invisible characters in the file, causing spurious errors. Everything will look O.K., but you will spend many hours trying to find out why there is an error when you try running the execution script.

Some very good text editors are UltraEdit (excellent, but not freeware), Crimson Editor , WinSyntax (both good for PHP and Freeware, Crimson Editor has some feature more than WinSyntax) and HTMLkit (free for persona

l use).

Open the config.php file with your text editor and look for this section:

Database Settings $GLOBALS['database'] = 'your_db_name'; Enter the name of the database here $GLOBALS['user'] = 'your_username'; Enter the username for the database $GLOBALS['pass'] = 'your_password'; Enter the password for the username $GLOBALS['hostname'] = ''; Enter the hostname that is serving the database Make sure that OpenDocMan is using the correct hostname: localhost Your application is using the correct database / username / password. note: If you have a web host with cPanel, you can check cPanel's video tutorial for additional information on creating the db, user, and linking the user to the db. Don't forget to specify your username and database with the prefix yourusername_ in front of its given name. be careful with these names as the cPanel username may be added to the front of your db / username / and password.

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