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Putty SSH Client

You may run a unix command remotely, such as 'passwd' to change your password, or 'quota' to view your usage quota, from Windows using the putty ssh client.

First, download putty from:

Putty is a single .exe file that requires no installation, and will not alter or clutter your system.

Now, start putty, enter your hostname (for instance,, and select the SSH radio button. On the bottom of that first screen, change the value of “close window on exit” to: 'Never'.

Then in the left-hand side of the putty configuration screen, click once on the SSH choice (near the bottom). At the very top of that config screen (labeled “Options controlling SSH connections”) enter a command (like passwd or quota) into the “Remote Command” textbox. Then just click the “Open” button on the bottom. The command you have chosen will be executed on the remote end.

If this is the first time you have connected to our system via SSH, putty may warn you of that, and ask you to store our SSH key for future connections. We recommend this.

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