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Upgrading OpenDocMan

Things You Need to Do to Upgrade OpenDocMan

  1. Download the latest release of OpenDocMan.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder inside your web server.
  3. Print this page out so you have it handy during the installation.
  4. ALWAYS backup your database, documents repository, and opendocman software BEFORE YOU UPGRADE. You have been warned!!!

2 Minute Upgrade

  1. Download and unzip the lastest OpenDocMan package, if you haven't already.
  2. Rename your current “old” version of opendocman (ex. mv opendocman opendocman_old). You will need a few values from the old config.php file (but not the config file itself since opendocman creates a new config).
  3. Place the “new” OpenDocMan software folder in the desired location on your web server and give it the name of your “old” folder (ex. 'mv opendocman-1.2.6.x opendocman).
  4. Make sure the new files have the proper ownership and permissions that match your old folder.
  5. Run the OpenDocMan installation script by accessing the opendocman folder URL in a web browser.
  6. Fill out the necessary form fields during the installer. Refer to your old opendocman config.php file for some of the values needed for the upgrade.
  7. When you get to the last page, you click on the upgrade link that matches your version (or the closest version that is greater than your current).
  8. This will then execute any database updates and you should then be able to visit your site and login usual.


There may be a situation where you get to the last page of the installer and you don't see your version listed as an upgradeable path (ex. you have, but you only see upgrades for, and In these cases, it means that between and there were no other database changes. In this case, the closest upgrade to click on would be

Another example: If you are running and has just been released. The upgrader is only showing an upgrade link for This means that no DB changes have been made since so your upgrade would be code-only.

In simple terms, if you seen an upgrade for, and you are running, then you already have the database updates needed for so you would then choose the upgrade above your version.

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